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f.lux – Your Mac in Sync with Nature

Your display’s color temperature is ordinarily designed to simulate the color temperature of bright daylight. This raises your serotonin levels and stimulates your physical activity. When using your computer during the daytime, this provides a healthy stimulus to keep you awake, but today many of us use our computers until late into the night. When we do so, the daytime-like light stimulus can interfere with our natural biorhythm and influence our sleeping habits in a negative way.

f.lux is a plugin for your mac that runs in the background and changes your screen‘s colors to warmer tones after sunset. This subtly helps your body calm down and prepare its bio-rhythm for a good night’s rest. The plugin itself is totally simple: Just select your preferred color temperature for day- and night-time, and allow using your current location so that the timer can automatically be adapted to the times of sunrise and sunset in your area. Once you’ve adjusted these settings, your screen‘s colors automatically dims after the sunset. If a situation arises in which you actually do want the full blast of brightness at night, you can easily pause or stop the dimming effect of f.lux.

I’ve been testing f.lux for several months now, and I really like its calming effect. When working in front of the computer until late at night, the warm screen colors really help to tire me down more naturally and allow me to get myself from work to sleepy mode in an instant. When considering the possibilites that for example f.lux or Philips’ goLite have to offer, I see a whole range of intelligent and interconnected light environment solutions coming up in the future. Since many of us spend such a great amount or our lifetime facing a computer screen, f.lux already does a great job at supporting our physical wellbeing today. Thanks to the developers, you can download the mac os plugin for free here.

Philips goLITE – Make Yourself a Brighter Day

Philips goLITE BLU – based on the concept of light therapy – is a cool gadget. The small LED lamp shines blue light similar to a clear and sunny sky. In doing so, it increases your energy levels and helps alleviate symptoms of the winter blues.

Philips goLite Blue
The goLite is a light therapy product, which can be placed at an angle in front of you, in order to stimulate your body. Since it only emits light from the blue spectrum, you might want to use additional light sources to illuminate your work space. I’ve been using the goLITE for 4 weeks now and already I feel really good about it. Turning on the blue light feels like an energy boost, which is really helpful because according to my startup’s soon to be launched first product, my nights have been shorter than my sleep sensor suggests. But as soon as I switch the goLite lamp on, I immediately feel more alert and focussed. To be sure that I’m not just running into a placebo effect, I gave the goLite to my colleagues to try. They came to the same result as Phillips, who has clinically proven that their range of light therapy products really do work at a physiological level.

Philips goLite Blue light therapy deviceThe goLITE has about the size of 2 stacked CD trays and comes with a built-in battery that makes it perfect for taking along wherever you go. One full charge lasts for at least three phases of 30 minutes light exposure, which Philips suggests as a daily minimum in order to generally improve your well-being. The tiny device also works as an alarm clock and will wake you up simply with its blue light or with an additional ringtone if needed. All of its functions can be controlled with a touch display, which gives the device quite a modern feel.

The goLite’s price of 200$ may seem a little high for a product that is actually just an additional lamp to stimulate your well-being and doesn’t even replace proper light sources. But either way, I find the effect of the blue LED light so positive, that I would recommend it to everyone who wants to boost their mood and energy level in the winter days. Now that I have been surprised by the power of light stimulation, I am really looking forward to future light therapy products that can be integrated into smart home control and health management systems. So far, I enjoy goLITE’s benefits in the busy days before lauching our software. If you want to know more about that and other innovation in health and personal development, come back soon and follow or like igrowdigital.