Munich for Quantified Self and Wearable Technology Enthusiasts

January 2012 we have some great events in Munich. Within 4 days a Quantified Self Meetup, the Wearable Technologies Conference and a Mobile Monday focussing on sensor technology will take place around the International Sports Business Trade Show ISPO.

End of January 2012 there are some great events for Quantified Self and Wearable Technology enthusiasts. On February 1st, at 7 pm, we will have Munich’s first Quantified Self Meetup in the bar Niederlassung. If you happen to be around, come and join us.

From January 29th to February 1st, the International Sports Business Trade Show ISPO will be taking place in Munich. There, Wearable Technologies, a company I work for, is setting up a booth, displaying sensors and other wearable gadgets. Meet us in hall B6 545. On January 30th, Wearable Technologies will be hosting Mobile Monday at the ISPO.  At this Mobile Monday you will see how technologies are merging together and sensor networks will drive the internet of things.

Also on January 30th, the Wearable Technologies Conference will take place in line with ISPO in Munich. This conference gives visitors the opportunity to discover groundbreaking innovations from the fields of health, fitness and prevention. In addition to novel technologies in development, the 2012 WT Conference will present products ready for the market. The international public attending the event comes from the widest variety of technological and marketing arenas.

I am totally looking forward to these events and the interesting people to meet there.

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