Nike+ Kinect Training – Burn Fuel in the Living Room

Nike+ Kinect is the newest product of the Nike+ series. With this video game, the sports brand is conquering new terrain.

Nike+ Kinect Training is a fitness game for Microsoft’s XBOX. It uses the cameras of the Kinect game controller to monitor the correct execution of each exercise and to turn physical activity into an interactive game.

Nike’s newest product from the Nike series is a training game that uses a personal trainer and a clever game design to make athletic progress easy and comprehensible. At the beginning of the game, you can choose your personal target from the options of muscle building, toning or weight reduction. This is followed by an assessment that determines your current condition. During the corresponding exercises, you move in front of the screen, jump to various positions as quickly as possible, dodge obstacles or demonstrate your flexibility to eyes of the cameras.
After finishing the assessment, the personal trainer guides you through your training plan, which is developed with a level of difficulty that takes your personal constitution into consideration. For each activity you collect Nike+ Kinect Training fuel points, which complement your scorings of other Nike+ products such as Fuelband on your online profile. With this, Nike has developed a harmoniously interconnected ecosystem of Nike+ products. One new thing about the Kinect game is the distinction of fuel points between fitness fuel and athletic fuel points, which allows a more exact differentiation. The following trailer offers an introduction to how the new game works.

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