Philips Airfloss – The Revolution of Dental Care

Philips Airfloss is a new product for dental hygiene. With this innovative solution, the gaps between your teeth are cleaned with a stream of air and fine water droplets.

After an extremely negative experience with the Philips customer service, I promised myself several years ago never to buy another product from the Philips group. However, since Philips has meanwhile established itself as a manufacturer of highly innovative wellness products such as massage devices or phototherapy lamps, I quickly strayed from my initial intent. Philips Airfloss is the newest lifestyle innovation of the Dutch enterprise – and even if the device hardly contains digital components and does not collect data, I would still like to introduce this small revolution for the bathroom here.

Philips Airfloss is the revolution of dental care

Philips Airfloss is a device used to clean the spaces between your teeth and is thus perfect for all those who love gadgets and can’t be bothered with dental floss. The cleaning is administered by a stream of air and microscopic water droplets, which are shot through a nozzle into the spaces between your teeth. In this way, the Airfloss is similar to an electric toothbrush, except that it has a liquid tank and instead of a brush, there is the nozzle that ejects the cleaning jet. Just as with dental floss, cleaning the gaps between your teeth proceeds one space at a time – the Airfloss has to be repositioned each time and the shot-like jet of air and water needs to be triggered with a button.
In practice, this is a sensible and pleasant activity – using it is simple and it leaves a fabulous sensation in your mouth. Alternative to filling it with water, the Airfloss can also be used with mouthwash, so that the cleaning process can be combined with refreshing and disinfecting your mouth. The material, design and production quality are suitable for the price of $99, and the Airfloss battery can last several weeks, depending on how often it is used. The supply in the water tank is empty after one or two applications – a reasonable design decision, when you think about it, considering it keeps you from spraying stale water into your mouth.

Philips Airfloss is a successful bit of innovation

Personally, I am completely thrilled about Philip’s Airfloss. Before, I could never really motivate myself to regularly use dental floss, now I use it even several times a day sometimes and am enjoying dental hygiene at a totally new level. Compared to dental floss, Airfloss by far excels in user experience both regarding its handling as well the great sensation in your mouth, whereby Philips has reinvented the process of cleaning the spaces between your teeth. As a product, I therefore must absolutely and unconditionally recommend the Philips Airfloss. At the same time, I hope I will never again be in need of the Philips customer service, or that, just in case I do, it has improved in the meantime.  😉

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